Finance Department

Responsibilities & Services

Under the direction of the finance director, the Finance Department has the responsibility to account for all municipal resources, and to maintain a fiscally sound government organization that adheres to legal requirements and financial management principles, and to apply such resources in a manner, which is most beneficial to the citizens of Westmont.

The Finance Department is responsible to administer the fiscal operations and maintain the accounting records for the Village. The Department ensures the accuracy of the general ledger, reconciles all cash accounts, administers payroll, maintains all investment transactions, prepares annual budget documents, processes accounts payable, establishes and monitors internal financial control procedures, tracks fixed assets, provides information to the auditors, and creates financial statements.

Financial Assistance & Liaison

In addition, the Finance Department is responsible for providing accounting, accounts payable processing, payroll administration, and financial reporting assistance to the Westmont Public Library and acts as a liaison to the Police Pension Board.