Following are various tax rates pertaining to the Village of Westmont. Each tax listed provides a link for detailed information regarding that specific tax. For more information, contact the Village of Westmont Finance Department via email.

State Sales Tax

General Merchandise 7.50% (Effective 6/1/2016)
Qualifying Food/Drug: 1.75%
Vehicles: 7.00%
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Property Taxes

2023 Property Taxes (Paid June & September 2024) - Final Rate TBD
Village of Westmont Municipal Government 2022 Levy: 0.7787 % of EAV
Westmont Library 2022 Levy: 0.2239 % of EAV
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Places for Eating Tax

Food & Beverages Sold for Immediate Consumption: 2.0% (effective April 1, 2019)
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Other Taxes 

No tax specific to gasoline
No tax specific to Real Estate Transfers

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