Business & Office Districts

There are several well-defined commercial business areas within the Village of Westmont including the Ogden Avenue Business Corridor which includes the Westmont Auto Mile, the Ty Warner Industrial Park, the Pasquinelli Drive Office Park, the Downtown Westmont Central Business District (CBD), and the South Westmont Business District (SWBD).

Ogden Avenue Business Corridor - Westmont Auto Mile

Ogden Avenue is the main east-west highway on the north side of our community.  Westmont is proud to be the location of a world class auto dealership cluster on Ogden Avenue which serves as an important and productive economic engine for the community. In a typical year, this collection of award-winning dealerships generates in excess of $450 million in annual auto sales which provides a substantial sales tax revenue for the Village of Westmont.  Along Ogden Avenue in Westmont is an unrivaled collection of award-winning automobile dealerships.  Some of the brands featured in Westmont include Acura, Audi, BMW, Lexus, Lincoln, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, Tesla, Toyota, and more.

Pasquinelli Drive Office Park

Pasquinelli Drive is located in the northeast section of our community and runs from Ogden Avenue to 35th Street. Pasquinelli Drive, along with Oakmont Drive, serves as home for more than 100 corporate offices, medical facilities, restaurants, overnight lodging facilities, research facilities, and daycare centers. Its attractive landscaped areas and support businesses make this an ideal location for office operations.

Ty Warner Industrial Park

On the north side of our community, north of Ogden Avenue and east of Cass Avenue, there are numerous businesses located adjacent to our award-winning Ty Warner Park including Ty, Inc., the international headquarters for the world-famous Beanie Babies. Businesses in the area include manufacturing and warehousing as well as facilities for corporate offices. The Ty Warner Industrial Park is located on the northern part of the community, north of Ogden Avenue and east of Cass Avenue.

Downtown Westmont Central Business District - CBD

Our downtown Westmont Central Business District runs along Cass Avenue from Naperville Road on the north border to Dallas Street on the south border.  The CBD also includes businesses on Chicago Avenue, Burlington Avenue and Quincy Street.  Not only is the CBD the heart of our downtown businesses, but is also the location for some of Westmont's most beloved community events including Taste of Westmont, Westmont Cruisin' Nights & Street Fair, Wicked West Fest, and Holly Days.

South Westmont Business District - SWBD

Located in the southern portion of our community, this business district encompasses the businesses near the intersection of 63rd Street and Cass Avenue. One of the goals of the SWBD is to bring attention to the thriving retail businesses in this area. Additionally, the Village has initiated a property assemblage at 150 W. 63rd Street to assist with the development of this site and attract big box retailers. One of the most recent projects in the SWBD is the new Westmont Yards Sports Complex, which will serve as a catalyst to economic growth in this area.

For more information regarding these commercial areas, please contact the Village of Westmont Economic Development Department by email or call 630-824-9337.