Report A Concern

Report a Concern image

Please use our REPORT A CONCERN system to communicate with the Village of Westmont on a variety of items involving Non-emergency private property and public way concerns. (If this is an emergency, DO NOT use this platform, please call 9-1-1 immediately.)

If you have not used this reporting method before and want to monitor the status of your submitted case, you will be required to sign up. By signing up your name will be subject to FOIA disclosures, if requested.  If you want to make a submission anonymously, then you will not be able to monitor the case's progress and staff will not be able to follow up with you. 

CLICK HERE to be directed to the different reporting platforms for code enforcement, private property code issues, public way street, sidewalk or parkway issues.

*For parked vehicle concerns on a public street or blocking a public sidewalk, please contact the Westmont Police Department at 630-981-6300.