The Mission of the Village of Westmont’s Public Works Department

Water Division is to exceed our customers expectations and meet all the State and Federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulations regarding drinking water, maintaining adequate fire flows and insure our customers the distribution system and water quality are all of the highest possible level using all the latest technology.

Description of Functions

The Water Division is located at 39 East Burlington Avenue, on the north side of the BNSF Railroad line. One half of the building is home to the Water Treatment Control and Pumping Station. The other half of the building is the Administrative office and Garage area. One aspect the division does not handle is water billing, which is handled by the Village Clerk’s Office, located in the Village Hall at 31 West Quincy.

The Village’s drinking water comes from Lake Michigan via The City of Chicago. From Lake Michigan, the water is piped to the Jardine Plant where all the primary treatment occurs. From there, the DuPage Water Commission supplements the treatment process with chlorine. Finally the water is distributed to Westmont and other Villages that are on the Commission’s system. Westmont has been receiving water from Lake Michigan since February 1992. Prior to this time, Westmont had seven underground wells to provide drinking water to the customers.

The Water Division performs, on average, 40 daily water tests and 28 Monthly Bac-t Tests to ensure that the water is the best quality and safe to drink. There are over 1250 fire hydrants, 1200 valves, and 90 miles of water main maintained throughout the Village. Over 25,000 water bills are produced a year. In the last 20 years, over 1000 water main breaks have been repaired. Since 1992, over 10 miles of water main has been replaced.