Certificate of Occupancy

Certificate of Occupancy

The "Construction" Certificate of Occupancy fee is $100.

The "Construction" Certificate of Occupancy will be awarded upon completion of the project and approval of all inspections. It is required for the following:

  • New Residential, including, but not limited to, alterations/remodeling, garages, accessory buildings
  • New Non-Residential, including, but not limited to, common spaces, each tenant space, alterations/remodeling
  • Existing buildings
  • Changes in use and occupancy (associated with issuance of license)
  • Each dwelling unit in a multi-family dwelling

NOTE: For commercial projects, or where applicable, please do not confuse a "Construction" Certificate of Occupancy with a "Business" Certificate of Occupancy - refer to the Business License link or Village Clerk’s page for details.

Temporary Certificate of Occupancy (TCO)

TCOs will not be issued from May through November.

The TCO is designed to accommodate weather related delays for project completion. (Essentially, for Final Engineering/Grading and Plantings.) Therefore, in order for a TCO to be issued, all interior/exterior construction must be completed and approved, as well as site grading and stormwater management requirements (aka "Rough Grading").

  • TCO is valid for only 60 days, and a cash bond of not less than $10,000 shall be posted, payable to the Village of Westmont. A request for relief from this deadline may be made in writing to the director, who shall assess the situation and determine if a particular or legitimate hardship exists to grant an extension beyond the 60-day deadline.
  • The submitted TCO bond will be subject to forfeiture if (final) approved inspections remain outstanding, the TCO (and permit) may be revoked.

As this point, if a new permit for the remaining/outstanding work is not applied for, Code Enforcement action may be initiated. This may include Notice of Violation requiring submittal for new permit; if not achieved by required compliance date, then a citation requiring a court appearance (with applicant being subject to fines or liens) will be issued, as necessary.