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Westmont First Mission Statement

Approved by the Westmont First Committee on Jan. 15, 2014

The mission of Westmont First is to invite residents, businesses, and the village to work together in an effort to build community spirit through supporting Westmont businesses, volunteer opportunities, and local charities. Westmont First has an on-going commitment to the entire community. Together, we can accomplish great things.

Westmont First Committee
Bruce Barker - Chair
Larry McIntyre - Staff Liaison
Linda Liddle
Amy Quattrone
Carmen Higgins
Larry Forssberg
Hank Anzelone

The Westmont First Committee typically meets the third Monday of each month at 6:00 p.m. at the Westmont Library. Provided is a link to the current Village Meeting Schedule.

Village Meeting Schedule

What is Westmont First?

"Westmont has a long history of community involvement and working together to find solutions that benefit the entire village," says Bruce Barker who was the driving force behind the Westmont First concept. "Westmont has always allowed people to roll up their sleeves and get involved. Westmont First helps coordinate this effort."

Westmont First - What is it?

What is Westmont First you ask? First and foremost, Westmont First is a philosophy. The Westmont First philosophy asks every Westmont resident and business owner to THINK WESTMONT!

To ensure the success of this philosophy, Westmont First is also a Village Commission consisting of residents and business owners from throughout the community who will work together to achieve our Westmont First goals.

And finally, Westmont First is YOU! Westmont First encourages all of our citizens to unite and support the community through volunteerism, business patronage, and general goodwill towards our village.

"Westmont First is an opportunity for people to get involved and make our community great," says Barker. "We want to challenge everyone to step up and be a participant in our village. If we are all positive and work together to accomplish our goals, then the sky’s the limit. As is true with anything, you get out of it what you put into it."

Westmont First - Volunteer in Your Community

People who get involved and invest their time in the community become more active in the community as a whole. This helps to foster an environment where citizens take pride in their accomplishments and care about their village. The Village of Westmont encourages people to volunteer in their community. There are many volunteer opportunities such as the Police Department, Fire Department, Emergency Management Agency, area schools, the Westmont Senior Center, community service clubs, Westmont Special Events, local churches, and more.

Westmont First - Support Westmont Businesses

Another vital part of the Westmont First plan is to support Westmont businesses. We ask residents to think Westmont First for every purchase you make - groceries, gas, automobiles, dining, etc. When you think Westmont First in your purchases, you not only support a local business, but you generate revenue for community services. We also challenge our businesses to provide excellent products and services at a competitive price so that you can guarantee repeat customers and ongoing patronage from your local clientele.

Westmont First - Now it’s up to us!

To get involved, we ask you to visit our website and sign up to be a member of Westmont First. We will provide you with a list of community groups that need volunteers and occasional updates regarding what’s happening in our community. Look for a listing of community businesses at the top of this website.

For additional information, contact us at 630-417-0280.

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