FOIA Requests

Anyone seeking copies of police reports may come into the Westmont Police Department to fill out a Freedom of Information form (PDF). Fill out the form and return it to the Westmont Police Department during regular business hours.

The Westmont Police Department will respond to your request within five (5) business days. Not all reports qualify for release: 

  • Arrests not yet adjudicated are not released.
  • Cases being actively investigated are not released.
  • Juvenile information is not released.
  • Personal information contained in public records that would constitute a clearly unwarranted invasion of personal privacy.

For more information on obtaining a copy of a police report, please contact the Westmont Police Department Records Division: phone: 630-981-6303, Email Records Division

Fee Schedule

Illinois Traffic Crash Report$5 each copy (ILCS 625 5/11-416)
Accident Reconstruction Report$20 each copy (ILCS 625 5/11-416)
Police ReportNo charge (up to 50 pages)
$0.15 per page (in excess of 50 pages)
Certification Seal$1
Digital Media on Disc$1 each (no charge if emailed)