Citizens' Police Academy and the CPA Alumni Programs

For New Citizens’ Police Academy Students:

Each year, the Westmont Police Department opens its doors to the community and invites the public to participate in the Citizens’ Police Academy (CPA). The goal of the program is to provide participants with a better understanding of the daily operations of the police department and to increase police community rapport.

The CPA offers an interactive, behind-the-scenes look into the different aspects of law enforcement. Participants will have the opportunity to learn about many aspects of police work including Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT), crime scene processing, investigations, patrol operations, mock traffic stops, firearms instruction and much more.

The course approximately runs for nine weeks and ends with a graduation ceremony. Classes are typically held on Wednesday evenings at the Westmont Police Department.

Participants in the CPA must be 18 years of age or older and live, work or be associated with Westmont. Participants must not have a prior felony conviction. Background and criminal history checks will be conducted on all applicants. The Westmont Police Department reserves the right to deny any applicant. There is no charge to participate.

Fill out the online CPA application.

For more information, contact Deputy Chief Stephen Thompson via email or at 630-981-6371.

Police Academy LogoFor CPA Graduates Returning as Alumni:

Now that you’ve completed the Citizens’ Police Academy Class, we invite all graduates to join the Alumni! Each WCPAA monthly meeting features a guest speaker on topics like safety, wellness, crime trends, and much more. Many of our members also enjoy helping out at local community events like the open house, Cop on a Rooftop, Cruisin’ Nights Squad Car Night, National Night Out, and fundraisers. We also have a monthly newsletter to keep members informed on upcoming events. You are welcome to participate as much, or as little, as you schedule allows. To sign-up, please email WCPAA President Janet Turek. Annual WCPAA dues are just $15; the reduced rate to new grads in the Fall for a 1/2 year is $7.50.

The monies collected are a major part of WCPAA funding for the year. Some is used for financing Drug Awareness for the schools, helping to purchase improved equipment for our police, and contributions to local charities. The Alumni also provides financial support to the Safety Camp for children, the Citizen’s Police Academy, Squad Car Night and other related activities.