Strategic Plan

Shaping a vibrant community and future through connection, service and leadership

The Village Board approved the Village of Westmont Strategic Plan for 2021 in January 2016. The Plan provides a bold vision for the community over the next several years as the Village moves towards its 100th Anniversary in 2021.  Each category outlines various goals as well as strategies for completing these goals.  The document places all goals and objectives into five (5) Vision categories:

  • Governance

    - Visionary leadership and partnership position us to elevate our quality of life
  • Identity and Image

    - Westmont exemplifies beautiful, dynamic, cohesive community life
  • Downtown

    - Our celebrated Downtown is the cornerstone of our community, and inspires, attracts and pulses with vitality
  • Economic Development

    - Vibrant business corridors generate superior economic performance
  • Infrastructure

    - Seamless integration of facilities and systems optimize our mobility and utility management

Since 2017, the Village of Westmont annual budget has followed the outline of the Strategic Plan to help ensure that goals are being reviewed and updated each year.  A copy of the approved Village of Westmont Strategic Plan document can be found in the Documents & Forms module on this website.