Communication is important to the Village of Westmont. It is our goal to provide important information to our residents in a timely manner. We encourage residents to actively seek out the information that we provide so that people can stay up to date with current and accurate news, events, and programs.

Village Website/Notify Me

All important happenings in the Village of Westmont are reported on the Village Website. We publish numerous press releases on our website so that residents can keep informed with the latest news. We encourage everyone to sign up for Notify Me, which sends notifications to citizens every time there is an update on the website. People can choose the type of information they want, such as press releases, or calendar updates, or notifications regarding specific committee meetings, and more. The user can also choose how they receive the notification including email and/or text message. Sign up for Notify Me.

Neighbors Magazine

The Village of Westmont partners with a private publisher to help create "Neighbors of Westmont" magazine. This magazine is published and distributed every other month, or six times a year. The Village of Westmont provides substantial contest for the publication, which also features the entire community including School District 201, the Maercker School District, the Westmont Park District, the Westmont Library, and more. Neighbors is delivered to every mailing address in Westmont.


The Village of Westmont has several Facebook pages. We encourage citizens to "like" and "follow" each of them. First, there is a municipal Facebook page, which highlights everything from current programs and services such as brush pick-up to community events such as the Taste of Westmont. Then, the Westmont Police Department and the Westmont Fire Department have their own pages. They publish information specific to their departments and often have a community safety focus. Also, our Public Works Department has a Facebook page as well. Their page highlights activities within their department as well as provides information regarding seasonal items such as brush pick-up, snow removal, and more. Click on the links below to access these pages and sign up:  

Village of Westmont Facebook
Westmont Police Department Facebook
Westmont Fire Department Facebook


For Westmont residents and businesses who are signed up on Nextdoor, the Village of Westmont will regularly re-publish items from the Village Website via this online resource. Nextdoor is also a good way to engage with neighbors within a specific geographic region. 


Leading up to the Village’s 100th Anniversary Celebration in 2021, the community has begun a rebranding process. Some of the topics being discussed include the town slogan, village logo, and an identification of the key elements that make Westmont a wonderful place to live, work, volunteer, shop, dine, discover, and play.

Bestmont Contest

The folklore of the phrase "Westmont is the Bestmont" suggests that after Westmont High School was established in the 1970’s, the newly created Westmont Sentinels sports teams would play against other local communities, such as Lemont, so some of the students would claim that the unofficial title of "Bestmont" would go to the "mont" community that won the game. The "Bestmont" moniker resurfaced in a big way around 2016, and the families of CUSD201 really embraced the theme.

In 2018, the Westmont Branding Committee met with Westmont students to talk about ways to promote the community, and the idea of creating a "Westmont is the Bestmont" contest was launched. The community was asked to express their passion for the community using their medium of choice. More than 40 people participated in the contest and all of the entries were recognized and celebrated at a Westmont Village Board meeting on March 14, 2019. All of the visual art submission can be found in our Westmont Photo Gallery.