Fees & Bonds

The following fee information is collated from various sections of the Village of Westmont municipal code including, but not limited to, building, engineering, fire, water, zoning and land development.  While not entirely comprehensive, the information is separated into different sections that indicate most typical permit-related fees and bonds.  Please note, the fees and costs indicated in these sections are subject to change.

General Building Fee Information

There shall be a charge for reviewing plans, checking computations, determining estimates, researching specifications, inspecting, overall permitting and like activities. Depending on the type of permit, one or more of the below fee sections may be applicable in calculating the total or overall fees for a proposed project.  Reference Municipal Code Sections 18-487 through 18-490 for more details on Building related fees, bonds, certificates of occupancy and inspections. 

At time of submission, permit applications and supporting documents shall be accompanied by a non-refundable Flat Fee or Building Application Fee and/or Engineering Filing Fee, as applicable.  These fees are not extra fees, they are designed to be applied towards the overall or total permit fee for a project. 

If third party/outsourced professional plan review and inspectional services are used to review plans or satisfy any aspect of a project, the applicant shall reimburse the Village for the costs of such services which may include, but not limited to: building, engineering, fire, forestry, or landscaping.

If the project is reviewed and then is withdrawn, becomes null-and-void, or the application expires (after 90 days), the permittee will be invoiced for the cost of all outstanding review fees at the time of withdrawal or expiration. The applicant or property owner may be subject to any unpaid fees and potential code enforcement action (including citations and court appearance that could result in liens, fines or other actions).

Building Permit and Review Fees

The building permit fee (for a permit other than a Flat Fee permit) is calculated as follows: $100 base admin fee + 1.5% construction cost + outside review fees (as necessary) + inspections.

At the discretion of the Community Developmental Director, the 1.5% portion of the building permit fee (1.5% the permit application indicated Construction Cost) may be based upon supporting documentation from the property owner or the value listed on the signed contract between property owner and the contractor(s).  If necessary, the building permit fee will be based on the cost of valuation as determined by the "Means Square Foot Costs," as published by R.S. Means Company, Inc., Kingston, MA.

The Construction Cost referred to above, includes, but is not limited to: electrical, plumbing, permanent signage, construction or miscellaneous materials and labor.

The penalty for performing work without a permit may result in a fine of $300.00 or double the cost of the permit, whichever is higher, plus the cost of the permit.

Flat Fee Permits

Flat Fee permit cost is $100 + inspection fees (residential and commercial projects have different inspection costs - see inspection section below). Flat Fee permit types include:

  • Fence
  • Exterior “Remove/Replace” Flatwork: asphalt, concrete, and pavers (provided no expansion/new ground disturbance of existing driveways, patios, sidewalks, striping, etc.)
  • Generator
  • Hot Water Heater
  • HVAC appliances (furnace units and a/c condensor units)
  • Roof Tears-off or installation of Second Layer (provided no structural work; more than two asphalt shingle layers is not permitted)
  • Window and/or Exterior Door replacement (provided no enlargement of existing openings)

Third-party Building Fees

  Non-Residential (Commercial) Plan Exam

  • Construction Value times .003 (Per Means Building Construction Cost Data or approved estimated cost of construction.)
  • Clerical - $30.00
  • Resubmittals - $65.00

  Residential Plan Exam

  • Single Family Residence (area calculation includes contiguous constructions - e.g. basement, attached garage, etc.)
    • $390 (less than 3,000 square feet)
    • $515 (3,000 to 5,000 square feet)
    • $1005 (over 5,000 square feet)
  • Residential Addition - $265
  • Detached Garage - $115
  • Decks, Sheds, etc. - $65
  • Resubmittals - $65

Sign Permit Fees

  • Permanent Signage permit fees for ground or wall signs shall be calculated per the Building Permit and Review Fee section above.  See Municipal Code Appendix A - Zoning Code, Article XI for additional information.
  • Temporary Signage permit fee is a flat rate of $25.00 per permitted display period.
  • General Temporary Signage information (see Municipal Code Appendix A - Zoning Code, Article XI for additional information):
    • 1 temporary sign permitted per business per display period.
    • The maximum display period for a permit shall be 30 days.
    • Permits for temporary signs shall be issued for a maximum of 60 days each calendar year per business, and any display of a temporary sign without a permit shall count towards the maximum number of days for the business.
    • Sign may be attached to the leased frontage of a building, or as an anchored freestanding sign.
    • When freestanding, the sign shall be a minimum of 5 feet from property lines, 15 feet from any vehicular private drives or entries, shall not obstruct or impede traffic flow, and shall not be placed in any engineered sight or corner vision triangles for public roadways.
    • No temporary sign shall be used concurrently with a sandwich board sign for the same business.
    • For multi-tenant properties, only 1 freestanding sign is permitted per street frontage at any time.
    • Maximum Size: 32 square feet.
    • Maximum Height: 8 feet, only applicable to freestanding temporary signs.

Building Bond Fees

(see other sections for engineering & stormwater permit fees and bonds)
Bonds are to ensure completion of work in accordance with approved plans and village specifications. Bonds are as follows:

  • New Residential is 1% of total cost of project, not to exceed $10,000
  • New Multi-Family Building is 1% of total cost of project, not to exceed $15,000
  • New Non-Residential is 5% of total cost or project, not to exceed $50,000
  • Site Work (Multi-family/non-residential) is 5% of total cost, not to exceed $25,000
  • Signs require a minimum cash bond of $100

Inspection Fees

In addition to all other fees, there shall be inspections that are enumerated for projects and the associated fees shall be added to the total/overall permit costs or paid prior to inspections being performed (or, if applicable, may be deducted from a project bond) as follows:

  • $50 for each residential inspection (note: the first residential inspection is free) and re-inspection, if not approved.
  • $100 for each non-residential inspection and re-inspection, if not approved.
  • If specialized inspections are necessary, the cost of the inspections shall be paid by the permit holder.
  • NOTE - Construction Certificates of Occupancy (when applicable) shall not be issued until all inspections have been approved and outstanding fees have been paid.

Impact Fees

Impact fees are applicable for new construction on property not previously developed or other projects as required by the Director. For details on how to estimate impact fees, see Municipal Code Appendix B - Land Development, Article IV, Sections 4.05, 4.06, and 4.07 for Westmont Subdivision Standards.

General Engineering Fees

For engineering plan review and inspection fees, if a professional service is used, the Village shall be reimbursed for the costs for such service. Before the Village may initiate any review of a permit submittal, the applicant shall submit a non-refundable filing fee. This filing fee will be credited towards the total fee of a permit at the time of its issuance. 

See Municipal Code Chapter 34, Article IV, Sections 34-110 through 34-112 for more details on Engineering related fees and bonds. The fees and costs indicated in these sections are subject to change.

Definition of Approved Engineer's Estimate (AEE)
The total estimated construction costs for a project, including public and private site improvements as part of a subdivision, or off-site public or private improvements as part of a project, but not necessarily part of a subdivision, such as parking lots, storm sewers, retention/detention ponds, water mains, pavements, curbs and gutters, etc.


Individual Lot

At time of permit issuance, review fees and engineering inspection fees in excess of the filing fee will be assessed.

  • New single-family and duplex residence Filing Fee: $1,200.00 
  • Multi-family residence, commercial, and/or industrial buildings Filing Fee: $2,500.00 plus $2,500 per acre.


At time of permit issuance, review fees, engineering inspection fees AND 4% of AEE in excess of the filing fee will be assessed.  

  • Subdivision Filing Fee: $2,500.00 


  • Separate construction projects (these project types that are not part of new subdivision improvements or certain on-site improvements may include: parking lots, storm sewers, water mains, pavements, curbs and gutters, and other separate construction projects.) At time of permit issuance, review fees, engineering inspection fees AND 4% of AEE in excess of the filing fee will be assessed.  Filing fee: $500.00 or 4% of AEE, whichever is less.
  • Excavation and Grading (when done as a separate project): Fee: $80.00
  • Right-of-Way Excavation: Fee: $80.00
  • Special Management Areas (such as flood plains, wetlands, riparian environments) require a Filing Fee: as reviewed and designated by DuPage County.

Engineering Bond Fees

Bonds are to ensure completion of work in accordance with approved site plans, landscaping plans, village specifications and details, and engineering plans for specifications. Bonds are as follows:

Individual Lot (based on AEE)

  • New single-family or duplex residence: Cash Bond of $1,500.00
  • New Multi-family residence, commercial or industrial building: Cash bond of 5% of the AEE, not less than $3,000.00 and not to exceed $10,000.00


  • Cash Bond or Letter of Credit using standard Village wording valid for at least 2 years: 110% of the AEE for the public improvements in the subdivision

Separate construction projects

  • Private improvements: Cash bond of 5% of the AEE, not to exceed $10,000.00. Cash bonds may be not less than $1,000.00 when the site plan has been approved by the Village Board.
  • Public improvements: Cash bond or letter-of-credit in the amount of 110% of the AEE, not less than $1,000.00
  • Right-of-way excavation: Cash bond of 110% of approved restoration costs, not less than $300.00
  • NOTE - Bond amounts required by this section shall be increased by an appropriate amount if, in the opinion of the village, the amount required therein, would not be sufficient to construct required improvements, or repair damages to sidewalks, pavements, trees, or any other village property that might result due to the construction of the proposed improvement.

Other Potential Fees

  • Detention Waiver Cash in-lieu of fee for large permits - $125,000 ac/ft of detention volume must be approved by the Village Board. However, currently, there is a detention waiver moratorium in effect.
  • Street Improvement Cash-in-lieu of Fee - $100 per lineal foot of frontage. To be paid when it is impractical to provide street improvements (street widening, curb & gutter, storm sewers, street lights, water extensions, etc., for property frontage). Must be approved by the Village Engineer.
  • Plat Recording Fee - $250 for the Village of Westmont Deputy Clerk to record Plats of Subdivision, Vacations, and Dedications.
  • Recapture Agreement Fee - If a previous developer secured a recapture agreement for water, street, or detention which the current developer will use, the Village will collect this fee to pass on to the previous developer.

Fire Department Permit Fees

Contact the Fire Department Fire Prevention Bureau directly at 630-981-6402 for additional information regarding construction and inspection fees, submittal requirements, etc.  Please note that Elevator Permit-Inspection-Plan Review Fees are performed by an outside agency and the cost is borne by the applicant.

Water Department Permit Fees

Contact the Water Division directly at 630-981-6270 for additional information regarding construction and inspection fees, taps, brass goods, etc.

Outside Agency Permitting Contacts

Some projects may require (additional) permits, documentation or approvals from outside agencies or entities (such as state, county or sanitary districts), in turn, the Village may require copies of those approval(s) in order to advance permits or issue Village approval. Contact the applicable agency for submittal requirements and fees:

  • Downers Grove Sanitary District (for properties west of Cass Avenue) - 630-969-0664
  • Flagg Creek Water Reclamation District (for properties east of Cass Avenue) - 630-323-3299
  • DuPage County Government - 630-682-7000
  • DuPage County Recorder - 630-682-7200
  • DuPage County Clerk’s Office - 630-682-7035
  • DuPage County Health Department (for various project types, including food/drink service) 630-682-7400
  • DuPage County Division of Environmental Concerns (DEC) - 630-682-7220
  • DuPage County Transportation Impact Fee - 630-407-6674
  • DuPage CountyDepartment of Transportation (DDOT) - 630-407-6900
  • IL Department of Transportation (IDOT) - 847-705-4024