2023-2024 Zoning Ordinance Review & Update

The Village of Westmont has embarked on a project to prepare a comprehensive update of the existing zoning ordinance (Appendix A of the Municipal Code). The Village’s current zoning ordinance dates to the late-1970s and reflects an era when much of the development in the Village occurred on previously undeveloped “greenfield” sites. Westmont is now a dynamic, mature community that is largely built-out. Today, redevelopment and reuse are top priorities and it is important for our zoning regulations to reflect our current community conditions as well as goals of the Village. Other project objectives include:

  • Implementing relevant goals and policies from the village’s comprehensive plan
  • Ensuring that the new zoning ordinance is consistent with other provisions of the Village code and with state and federal law
  • Incorporating provisions that are supportive of compatible infill and redevelopment
  • Addressing modern-day land use and development issues
  • Promoting sustainable development practices
  • Ensuring that the ordinance is well organized and as easy to use, administer and enforce as possible

It is not the intention of the Village of Westmont Zoning Ordinance update to make changes that would substantively change the zoning of any property or to change regulations that would create non-conforming buildings or structures.  

Project Updates & Community Engagement

Press releases for all public meetings and project updates will be posted on this webpage as well as published via Village of Westmont publications and social media. Additional documents related to the project will be posted on this page. Following is a timeline for the update process.