Water Division

The Village of Westmont Public Works Water Division is responsible for supplying clean, safe drinking water to the citizens of Westmont. This includes maintaining the Village’s water pumping and storage systems. The system consists of two pressure adjusting stations, a pumping station, two 1.5 million gallon reservoirs, a 1 million gallon elevated storage tank, and a 500,000 gallon elevated storage tank. The Water Division is also responsible for water sampling/testing, fire hydrant flushing, valve exercising, and water meter readings.


The Village of Westmont obtains its drinking water supply from Lake Michigan. The lake water is treated by the City of Chicago and transmitted to the Village of Westmont via infrastructure that is owned and operated by the DuPage Water Commission


The Village of Westmont strives to provide high-quality drinking water for Westmont citizens and adheres to Illinois Environmental Protection Agency (IEPA) standards and regulations including guidelines listed in the Safe Drinking Water Act. In accordance with these guidelines, the Village of Westmont creates and publishes an annual Water Quality Consumer Confidence Report, which is available for public inspection via the Water Division folder in the documents & forms section of this website.


The Village of Westmont provides regular and ongoing maintenance to upgrade its water distribution infrastructure. When water infrastructure repairs occur, there may be a greater risk of lead entering the water supply. To protect citizens from this potential situation, the Village of Westmont follows a specific water maintenance notification process.

Locally, the Village of Westmont banned the use of lead water pipes in 1972. In 1986,  the U.S. EPA officially prohibited the use of lead water pipes on a national level. The Village of Westmont water distribution system is lead-free and meets all EPA requirements to ensure safe drinking water for citizens. However, individual private properties may still have lead water pipes and meters that connect from the Village’s water distribution system to a home or business. 


The Village of Westmont takes proactive steps to inform residents regarding water quality and the potential for lead in drinking water. As part of this commitment, and in compliance with IEPA water quality notification standards, the Village provides notice and safety information to residents and businesses regarding water infrastructure maintenance and replacement work being performed in affected areas. The notice, which will be hand-delivered to each address within the affected area, will include information regarding the project and contact information for questions or concerns.