How can I obtain a commuter parking permit for Zone A?

Compliance with these rules is very simple and will result in an orderly transition from Zone "B" to Zone "A": You just have to remember to renew your Zone “B” permit on time to maintain your place on the upgrade list. The following steps must be performed: 1. You must have a valid Zone "B" permit to get on the upgrade waiting list. 2. Prepayment of $125.00 is required. The date on your cash register receipt will determine your place on the waiting list. 3. You will stay on this list until upgraded or you ask to be removed from the list. 4. You will be notified by mail or phone, when a Zone “A” permit is available. 5. You must make payment on your Zone “B” permit within the allotted time or your name will be removed from the upgrade list.

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