How do I report a wild animal?
Per policy, the Village of Westmont does not address issues regarding local wildlife unless there is the possibility of immediate threat to public safety. The Village of Westmont does not respond to wildlife sightings including coyotes, skunks, and beehives. In general, it is the policy of the Village of Westmont to leave natural wildlife activity undisturbed.

In the event that nuisance wildlife inhabits your private property or otherwise directly affecting your personal well being, you may consider contacting the following local agencies to assist.

DuPage County Wildlife/Animal Control - 630-407-2800
Willowbrook Wildlife Center - 630-942-6200
Ace Animal Control - 630-620-9888
Animal Encounters - 630-355-7880
Wildlife Police, Inc. - 630-789-9453

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1. How do I report a wild animal?