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Village Communications
The Village of Westmont works diligently to ensure good communication between your municipal government and the citizens of Westmont. The following are some of the mediums employed to assist with this effort.

The Village of Westmont website is a comprehensive information resource for citizens who want to learn more about our community as well as the programs and service of your municipal government.

The Village of Westmont publishes a bi-monthly publication, The Westmont Word, that is another communication tool for residents and guests to reference to keep informed of current events. This two-page newsletter features community projects and events in Westmont.   

Printed copies of The Westmont Word can be found at the Village Hall, Westmont Library, and Westmont Centre.  PDF copies of The Westmont Word are posted on the Village Website. CLICK HERE to view.

The Village maintains a calendar highlighting village meetings and events. CLICK HERE to view.  Visit http://westmontevents.com/calendar/ for more events and happenings in the community.

The Village of Westmont was one of the first communities in the Chicagoland area to air public meetings live on cable TV as well as record and play back these presentations throughout the week. This specific effort to ensure government transparency started in the 1980s.

The Village of Westmont typically presents live Village Board Meetings as well as meetings of the Planning & Zoning Commission. Additionally, the Village partners with Community Unit School District 201 to record and play back their meetings as well. Meetings air live and play back on Comcast Channel 6 and AT&T U-Verse Channel 99. The Village of Westmont also streams meetings live as well as posts recordings of past meetings on YouTube


The Village of Westmont utilizes various forms of social media to help keep citizens abreast of current happenings. Sign up to each of the following and be part of the Village Conversation.

The DuPage Mayors and Managers Conference (DMMC), of which the Village of Westmont is a proud member, recently launched a new website, ProtectMyTown.us.  Protect My Town, a partnership of Illinois cities and villages across the state, is a grassroots campaign that promotes keeping local tax dollars local.  As the General Assembly looks to address State budget problems, it is imperative that legislators resist attempts to use local tax dollars to fill state budget gaps, which in turn, shifts the tax burden to local communities and taxpayers.

The website enables Illinois residents to directly engage their state legislators and Governor. The process is incredibly simple and only takes three easy steps to directly contact your legislators and the Governor. After logging on to ProtectMyTown.us:

  1. Fill out your information; 
  2. Review your letter;
  3. Hit the Send Letter button to complete the form and send the letter to lawmakers.

For more information about Protect My Town, please view these videos in the Protect My Town series produced by the DuPage Mayors and Managers Conference.