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Business Licenses
Per Village Code, many businesses require a license to operate within the Village of Westmont. Businesses will work with both the Community Development Department (630-981-6250) and the Village Clerk’s Office (630-981-6220) during the licensing process.  You can contact the Village Clerk's office for details on business licence applications or CLICK HERE for the Business License Application Information and Form.

Personnel from the Building and Zoning divisions of the Community Development Department and the Fire Department may conduct inspections related to the issuance of a business license - the cost of these inspections are included in the annual fee.

On an annual basis or after construction involving a new tenant/business owner, and in order conduct business operations, a Business License is required.

You should think of it as a "Business" Certificate of Occupancy - which is issued by the Village Clerk's Office - only after all Building, Fire, and Zoning inspection are approved.

This should not be confused with a "Construction" Certificate of Occupancy - which is issued by the Community Development Department.