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Building Fees
General Building Fee Information
There shall be a charge for reviewing plans, permits, checking computation, determining estimates, researching specifications, and like activities.

If third party/outsourced professional plan review services are used to review plans or any aspect of a project, the applicant shall reimburse the Village for the costs of such services in addition to any/all remaining fees (including, but not limited to other building, engineering, and water fees). 

If the project is reviewed and then is withdrawn, becomes null-and-void, or application expires (after 90 days), the permittee will be invoiced for the cost of review at the time of withdrawal or expiration.  ALL plan review fees are non-refundable.*

See "Permit and Bond Fees" page (use BLUE link to the LEFT) for fees associated with the building portion of a permit.

*NOTE: If fees are not paid, the applicant is subject to a citation and court appearance that could result in lien(s) if the fees and fines are not paid.